Monday, October 25, 2010

You know it's Monday morning when.....

*you wake up with a start because you were dreaming that you were in college, living in a dorm and you were supposed to have read Silas Marner for a test the next day and you hadn't even started the book. And I did not have a lap-top or internet access and I was panicked.

*you wake up from this dream, stand up and realize that it feels like someone shoved a tennis ball behind your left eyeball.

*your 9 year old has the same sock issues her Aunt Amy does and cries because that darn seam at the toe is "killing her!" and she just can't walk.


That Monday morning can be turned around when:

*you are reminded that GOD is in control and this life is not all about ME!

*Eldest son makes a pot of delicious Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee!

*you use humor to diffuse the sock situation (and humor on a Monday morning can only be attributed to GOD!) and grumpy daughter starts laughing her crazy laugh.... but abruptly stops laughing when she realizes that she forgot to make her lunch and it is exactly 2 minutes before you are to walk out the door for school....but you use your super- mom- super-fast sandwich making skillz and everyone makes it to school on time. PRAISE THE LORD!

*Your bff Lynne informs you that there is an (new-to-me) ENGLISH radio station in our city that plays really cool old music. It keeps me sane and smiling in this crazy traffic. It's like listening to a stranger's ipod (with really wacky taste in music) on shuffle. Sunday they were playing Christmas music. This morning was the "Tradgedy" by the Bee-Gees followed by whoever sings "Rainy Night in Georgia".

So if you are having a rough Monday just remember to read your Bible for a bit, drink some good coffee, laugh and borrow your neighbor's ipod and put it on shuffle.


Bogdan Burca said...

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Cara Beth said...

Good advice! :) Love you!

Debbie said...

I love you, Angie!

And I miss you... is that possible since I mostly stalk you on your blog and am only related to you through your husband?!

Hope the rest of your Monday was met as joyfully!

Carpool Queen said...

Girl, if you've raised your son to make the morning pot of coffee, then EVERY DAY starts off right :)

Kecia said...

That is awesome. As a fellow mother of a sock-sensitive child, I am so impressed with you!! And if I was praying for you at 11:11 pm central time, wouldn't that have been your Monday morning?! :D

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

I am loving that wacky station too. so glad I found it. It makes me laugh sometimes and sing along at others. Kind of like my friend Angie!

Bits-n-Pieces said...

oh yes..i know those Monday mornings, and yes, God does use them to do mighty things!