Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On my mind today

*I would like to give God glory and thanks for providing for me (and YOU!) in big and small ways every day, but especially when my husband is away. I see His Hand of provision and I am so thankful!

*I'm so thankful that today was a calm (I just typed clam!) school morning after two yucky starts on Monday and Tuesday. Charlie is on a long trip and being the lone parent on morning duty doesn't always go well. I'm grateful for big kids who make their own breakfast, their own lunches and basically do everything themselves. I just monitor, mostly. And get the laundry started, tidy up, and brush Abby's hair. I'm also grateful Chris and Amanda are still with us. It helps having two more adults in the house.

*And doesn't it always happen that something goes wrong in the house while Daddy is out of town?? Monday a.m. the bathtub/shower drain in the kid's bathroom stopped draining.....with 3 inches of standing water in it. Lovely. The plumber was able to come in the afternoon and thankfully fixed the problem without having to bash in the wall to see the pipes like he originally told me he would have to do! So I'm thankful for plungers. And for plumbers.

*I heard the Lonestar song "Let Them Be Little" for the first time today. What a sweet song! Yeah, so it was released 5 years ago. I'm behind the times....we don't have country music stations here. Anyway, I loved it.

*Sunday night one of my guitar strings broke... the 3rd string up from the bottom. I embarrassed my teenage son today when I happily found a replacement string and innocently told him, "Hey Coleson, I found a new g-string!"

*Abby and I had a good laugh last night when she was reading me quotes from the Junie B. Jones book she is re-reading. I love Junie B. (And her feet smell like stink. Any Junie B. fans out there?)

*Abby is like her mother in so many ways. I currently have 4 or 5 books on my bedside table that I'm reading. Abby goes from room to room in the afternoons carrying around 2 or 3 that she likes to "read on"......right now it's the June B. Jones book, a new Judy Blume book she got from the school library and her assigned book report book about Daniel Boone.

*I watched Fried Green Tomatoes again last night. I hadn't seen it in years. My favorite line is when Evelyn is all upset and says "I'm too young to be old and too old to be young". I've been feeling that way a lot lately.

*Coleson had us all rolling with laughter on the way home from school yesterday with his Afrikaans accent. Auntie would have been so proud! He said he misses you really much. :-)

*I baked two butternut squash (is the plural squash or squashes?) yesterday to make pumpkin muffins (they are excellent substitutes for pumpkin if you can't get it) then couldn't bake last night because I ran out of butane for my oven. So I better get off of here and get to baking.



Carpool Queen said...

The hardest part of single parenting is the twenty minutes in the morning that it takes for the caffeine to get in your system so you can function.

There's just a lot that can go wrong in those twenty minutes and I never realize it until my husband's out of town.

Kecia said...

That was an awesome post. It was like a mini-visit.
I was a terrible mom yesterday, and afterwards kept singing "You're Gonna Miss This." (You have heard that one, right?)
So I just explained to Jessica why your g-string story is so funny. :) Now don't start calling your flip-flops thongs!
We all LOVE Junie B!
Last week at Bible study I told Lauren "Yes, please." Be sure to tell Luke.
This week at Bible study I told the girls what you said about the wife being the heart of the home. :) We also made pumpkin bars.
Is Tawanda what you're naming your next baby?