Friday, October 08, 2010


I can't believe this kid is 16!
(On this computer my pictures
only go back to 2004. )
Here he was at 10.

At 14

And now 16.
Don't let this look fool you.
He's really a teddy bear.
A teddy bear that shaves, wears deodorant
and leaves his dirty socks wadded up in
his tennis shoes. And I love him.
All 6 ft. 4 inches of him.

Here he is on Oct. 6, his birthday,
happy to get the phone he was expecting.

Surprised to get a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper
brought from South Africa by a friend.

And here he is thrilled to receive a
toaster. See, Will is a toast-aholic.
Back in July our toaster quit toasting
and we have yet to replace it. We decided
instead to get Will one of his very own.
(I love the look on Abby's face, laughing at her brother.)


Remember back in January when Charlie
and I attended the wedding of our friends
Chris and Amanda Walker? Well guess what?
They are here with us now in Mozambique!
Here they are suffering the effects of jet lag.

And here they are awake! They came to
teach at our kid's school this year. We are
SO EXCITED they are here!
And they shared a secret with us....well it's not
a secret anymore.......they are going to have a
baby in May, 2011!

You can read about their adventures here.


And this is my honey and me. We went to
dinner together last night... all by ourselves.
It was lovely. I love this boy.


Carpool Queen said...

16 is my favorite number this week.

Sixteen years ago I went out on my first date with Craig.

And YAY for having friends there. That makes me so happy for you -

ashley said...

I had forgotten that he and I had the same birthday!!! Fun stuff - he's so grown up!! I know you are beyond thrilled to have Chris and Amanda there - what a blessing and what amazing parents they will be. I'm sure Amanda is excited to learn lots from you. You and Charlie are precious!

Kecia said...

6'4"? Seriously? Wow.
I love your kids. :)

Katie said...

Oh my goodness! Seeing those pictures of Will made me realize how long it's been since I lived there. How did he get to be so big and old? I love that he still looks like a little boy hugging his beloved soda.

Maddie Anne said...

I loved every single bit of this. Especially Will hugging the Dr. Pepper. I miss you guys.