Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Whine

It's Friday - my favorite day of the week! Before I forget, when I was making my list on this day, I forgot that another favorite toy of my childhood was my Baby Drowsy. Except I can't really remember if it was mine or Amy's. But I loved pulling the string on her side and hearing her talk.

I feel like I've been looking like Baby Drowsy this whole week. I've been struggling with a cough/cold/crud for 4 weeks now. YES.....FOUR WEEKS! I started on an antibiotic on Monday. And I pulled a muscle coughing, which is very painful. And yes I'm whining about it.

This is how bad it is.......I actually took cough syrup today.....I swallowed liquid medicine. Let me repeat : I took liquid medicine! This is HUGE for me. I have not swallowed liquid medicine since my childhood. Seriously. I pulled up my big girl panties and I swallowed it!!!!!!

So what if it was Walgreen's Children's Cherry Flavored Cough Syrup. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Actually it was the only cough medicine my friend Ann had. It was horrid. But I took it and I didn't even gag. I am so proud of myself!!! And I had to do it......4 of my closest friends were standing there staring at me. Talk about peer pressure!

The last time I felt that much peer pressure was my freshman year in college when my roommate got me to smoke a cigarette from the pack she found in her boyfriend's jacket pocket. As bad as that cigarette tasted it was no where near as bad as the cherry cough syrup!


Kecia said...

How, oh how, can I get you to acquire a taste for hydrocodone? I'm telling you, that stuff will knock it out. And you. I love the stuff.
I really am sorry you're sick. :( There's not much worse than coughing all night.
Do you say "I want another drink of water" like Drowsy did?

Carpool Queen said...

Catching up on my overloaded reader - sorry to hear you're sick, but yay for medicine. I hate to take it, too. I wait until I'm at death's door before visiting the doctor and by then I'm usually so relieved they can heal me that I'll swallow anything.

Gretchen said...

My husband was offered deep-fried baby bird, and was given the eye in fish-eye soup last week. I'm guessing that he would've preferred cough syrup. ;)