Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kenya Trip pics.....and the monkey!

Coleson waiting at the airport to leave.

My kids love to hang out with me.

On the plane!
Yes, I was squished between
2 very large boys. Thankfully
they had worn their deodorant
that day. And I kind of like them.

And for Cara Beth....monkey pics.
This is Rafiki the vervet monkey -
He's about 8 months old.
He has bonded with my mom.

Sitting at the kitchen window. He
plays outside all day, tormenting
the dogs, eating flowers, swinging
from the know, acting like
a monkey.
And he thought he'd help
Mom cut Dad's hair.
Dad update: He's faithfully doing his exercises twice
a day and his appetite has increased. He hopes to move
from using a walker to a cane soon. As his strength
grows his balance will improve.


Cara Beth said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This makes me want a monkey even more! I love it so much! :) Thanks for the pics! I'm you had a good trip, Ang!

Kecia said...

You're so cute.