Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Elephants and Daisy the Giraffe

On Wednesday we visited an
elephant orphanage

My mom and her tiny grandsons
The elephants are rescued and are kept
for several years until they are released
back into the wild. For the first year of their
life they are fed every 3 hours by trainers.
Monday through Friday they are brought
out for one hour for visitors to observe and
take pictures. Two school groups were also
there the day we visited. Before the elephants
arrived the trainers set out their bottles.
Here they come!
They were very playful and enjoyed
wrestling and pushing each other around.

After enjoying the elephants we made our
way to the giraffe refuge

This is Daisey and Coleson.
Daisey and Will
And my pretty Mama

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Kecia said...

That is so, so cool!! Those are my 2 "must-sees" at the zoo.