Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trying Again

I've been trying to post on here for over a week and it has not let me. Frustrating. 

Life has been busy, but fun, lately.  We are currently hosting the Nalls family as they wait to move north to Tete in central Mozambique.  The daddy, Chris, actually left yesterday driving to Tete (it's about a 3 day drive from here) and Katie and baby Abigail are staying here until next week and will fly up and join Chris.  We are loving them being here.  Abigail who is 1 is so much fun.  And her mama is pretty fun too!

Our house has also become a day-care center of sorts.  Our new colleagues, the Brains, live outside our city but drive in everyday to study Portuguese.  Right now their babysitter is keeping their baby at our house each day.  This way the babysitter doesn't have to travel out to their house each morning (local public transportation can be quite unpredictable) and they can be close by while they are in class each morning.  

Our other colleagues, the Jackson family, returned from their 7 month stateside assignment yesterday.  It was really great to see them.

Charlie and Will left early this a.m. on a 3 day school field trip to South Africa.  Charlie drove one of the vehicles and will be a chaperone while the kids are challenged at an adventure camp.  They were told to bring their oldest, rattiest clothes and shoes to wear.  Coleson had to miss the trip because of a little mini-surgery he had this week on an ingrown toenail. (Ok, I hate the word toenail.  It's just a gross word.)

Well it looks like this is going to post. Wahoo. I  had a serious post ready the other day.  You'll just get that another day.


sally said...

I'm glad you managed to post Angie! I keep looking to see if there's any news.

So you have some new friends called "The Brains"?? That's very cool. Are you going to risk playing Speed Scrabble with them?!

Gretchen said...

You're right--toenail is a gross word. I hope it's healing well, though. I'm thinking of your adopted continent, as my pastor and some friends are in Malawi and Uganda right now. I know Africa is huge, but they're still closer to you than to me. :)

Great to hear about your "daycare" and your doings...

Dee Dee said...

Hey! Tell Katie "hey" for me. Sounds like you're running a busy ship around there. I can't believe Abigail is already one. Seems like she was just born yesterday. I bet they are ready to be in Tete.

Glad you finally got to post - computers can be so frustrating!!