Monday, February 23, 2009


I was writing an email to Kecia today and realized that it's so much easier to complain to someone than to talk about my blessings.  Why is that?  It's so wrong.  So instead of contemplating the things that have irritated me lately, I give you a few of my many blessings:

*Salvation through faith in Jesus.  I am so thankful for the debt He paid for me on the cross. 
*The Bible
*My husband and children. They bring me joy and laughter everyday.
*My family of origin.  I love and miss them very much.
*Living in Africa.  There is never a dull moment.
*The privilege of learning another language.  Portuguese eats my lunch everyday but I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn it.
*God's call on my life to work in another culture.
*My wonderful friends who love and support me no matter what.
*My bed
*An air conditioned bedroom (temps have been in the 100's lately)
*Facebook (I keep finding old friends and it's so fun!)
*Two legs that take me where I want to go.
*Clean water
*Hot water
*My computer
*My washing machine
*Decaf. coffee
*The ability to read


Debbie said...

This is excellent, Angie. Thank you for your example. I am provoked by you every time I read anything you write. Thanks for honoring the Savior! Love you.

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Hi Ang, funny you should write this because I was coming home from seeing you yesterday and thanking God for the TRULY UNBELIEVABLE blessings I SHOULD be enjoying, but more often I overlook. All of your list and more. SO what if I spent a month sick and feel like the world has passed me by. Today, I'm healthy, well-fed, and loved by many. I don't just tolerate my husband, I adore him. I adore my children and I adore my friend Angie!

Gretchen said...

Angie, I'm landing with quite a thud after our vaca, so this list is such a blessing to me. It's so true that contentment is just a change in perspective away...

Kecia said...

I'm thankful for you, more than you even know. :)

David and Janet said...

Hey Angie! I am reminded again of Psalm 50: 23 which says:
"He (she?)who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God." love you, Janet