Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend in Minnesota

Last Thursday I flew to Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend a Beth Moore Living Proof Live conference and to visit one of my dearest friends, Sarah Snider. It was an incredible weekend. God spoke to my heart, the time of worship was like a taste of heaven and the visit with Sarah and her family was very special.
Breakfast my first morning at The Good Earth - yummy!

Standing in line the first night.

We had really good seats.

The worship team was incredible.

Beth on the big screen.

The three vanilla Snider children, looking cute, playing Webkinz.

And the chocolate boy who seriously needed some flash. I wish the picture was brighter because he is so stinkin adorable. For those of you who don't know the Sniders, it is not offensive to call Amani the chocolate boy - it's what his sister Mia calls him.


Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Lots of beautiful faces we miss!

Temos saudades de voces!

Kecia said...

Hey Ang! I loved catching up with all those pictures. When I look at you and Amy, you both look just like you did 20 years ago, to me. :) Did Coleson get a haircut? Or as Jessica said, "...shave his head?" He looks good. Come see us.

Dee Dee said...

Looks like y'all have been having so much fun! When do go back to Moz?