Thursday, July 24, 2008

The last few weeks

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.
My sister Amy, husband Terry, nephew Daniel and his girlfriend Danielle were visiting from Ohio this week. We celebrated Amy's 39th birthday on Tuesday!

After cake we went to the Boardwalk in Bossier to sweat and shop. We also went bowling and had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. I was a nice sister and told them it was Amy's birthday. They sang to her and made her ride a stick horse around the restaraunt. She loves me for that.
Dinner at Joe's

Ok, go back one week and we were at the Louisiana State GA Camp.
We had so much fun. Luke was an honorary GA (stands for Girls in Action) and loved it. Abby of course loved having so many girls to hang out with.
This was a special friend we made named Katie.
She'll be a freshman at Mississippi College this fall.

Some more special friends we made.

And look it's Kathy Emmerling Frady!
She's an old friend from Ouachita and a Christian dramatist. She was awesome.
Here's Luke and his friend Madison on the paddle boats.

Abby and Luke loved the awesome water slides.

The pretty view from our room.
(Luke styled his hair and would not allow us to touch it!)

Go back another week to our visit with Kecia and Mike,
Jessica, Mikayla and Rebecca.
Visiting and reliving old Ouachita days.

All of our kids

Go back another week to Cara Beth and Brent's wedding!
The Walker/Buie family.
It's hard to believe I babysat three of those young adults when they were little.
CB was a beautiful bride.

Me and my honey

Cara Beth and her attendants.
Abby loved being a flower girl, although her pomander ball was heavy and she kept dragging it on the floor. By the end of the ceremony the ribbon at the bottom was missing.
I think it got stepped on at some point.

Before the ceremony CB was talking to the ring-bearer AJ about his duties.
He's not quite three and he decided when he got down the aisle that day that he did
not want to bear the rings anymore. He sure was cute though!
Abby and her daddy.
Charlie helped perform the ceremony.

My handsome boys.
This was taken the day before the wedding, on our way to the rehearsal dinner.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love all the pictures, Angie! Sounds like you guys have had some fun times while here in the states! I would have loved to have spent time with you and Kecia while we were so close, but our visit was full of family! I keep telling Dee Dee that I need to start saving for a plane ticket to Mozambique!

Linds said...

So much to catch up on! How much time have you got left in the States? I love all the photos. So many memories!

Alan said...

i love the look on Luke's face standing in front of the tree between his two big big brothers. i tho't it was so great for abby to be a flower girl in the weddings of those who were your flower girls. when i told alan he said "how symetrical". could you tell we had just talked of design.