Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures from the last two weeks

Happy Meal boxes make great hats.

Coleson loves Cracker Barrel

A lovely dinner at Whitestone Inn

Bonnie B. came to visit!

Washington D.C.
Museum of Natural History

Charlie, his dad Bill and brother Greg

Riding the Metro!
Coleson has his first Starbucks ever and loved it!
Will hates coffee.....sorry bud, didn't have free coupons for hot chocolate.

Abby and sweet baby cousin James,
having our picnic lunch on the mall.
Abby pretty much stayed in the wagon all
the time so as to not lose her spot.
Will teaching cousin Weston how to fetch.
Will had the stick in his mouth 3 seconds before I snapped this picture.
Luke and cousin Camden at the Vietnam Memorial

Abby...... still in the wagon.
Here she is enjoying a rest in front of the Lincoln Memorial,
looking out at the Washington Monument.

The Lechners in D.C.
We finally got Abby out of the wagon. :-)


mer said...

Love the pics, Angie.

Hope you're getting caught up on rest...and laundry!

I'm also loving those Cinderella gloves that Abby got in her happy meal. We have a couple of pairs floatin' around here too. They're actually one of the better happy meal toys we've gotten lately!

Enjoy your weekend!

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Seeing your faces makes us miss you more but was a great way to start the day! So happy you are having fun!

Grant said...

Hey Lechners

Enjoyed seeing the pics from DC. We also loved our time in DC, altho it was winter when we were there! I can picture the fun y'all must be having! Hope to see you one of these days!

Love Grant-i-boy and family

Linds said...

I was just about to post a comment asking if you were lost in Tennesee! And I have no idea how to spell that. Great to see you having such fun!