Saturday, April 26, 2008

Enjoying America

We returned Thursday night from our almost two week trip which took us through 8 states (OK, we actually drove through the corners of Georgia and West Virginia and we accidentally drove into North Carolina because we took the wrong road...but they count, right?)

We had a great time. The first week we spent in Virginia at a conference that we are required to attend while we are stateside. It was a good week - the kids enjoyed being with other missionary kids from all over the world. On our last full day there our friend Bonnie, who worked with us for two years in Johannesburg, came for a visit. She lives in North Carolina and was willing to get up at 6:00 a.m. and drive in the rain to spend the day with us. Thanks Bonnie!

On Monday we drove from Virginia to Maryland where we met up with Charlie's Dad and Step-Mom Kay and their children and spouses and children. We enjoyed so much reconnecting with them and watching the cousins enjoy each other.

On Tuesday we had a very FULL day which involved all 22 of us (ranging in age from 6 months to 60-ish) riding the metro from Maryland into Washington D.C. . We spent the day walking (pushing two strollers and pulling a wagon) and seeing the sights. It was an awesome day and many fun memories were made. Their families made alot of sacrifices and worked really hard to make our visit happen (taking off work, kids out of school, planning, arranging, cooking!). It was was wonderful, we just wish we had had more time to visit.

We left Maryland on Wed. a.m. and drove to Knoxville, TN where we stayed one night with some dear friends. It was a beautiful spring night and the fellowship was great.

Thursday found us ready to get "home" so we decided to bite the bullet and drive straight through to Louisiana. Well, Charlie drove the whole time, and the rest of us enjoyed the ride. We were in the van 13 hours that day - ugh - but we made it - Praise the Lord and got home by 10:30 p.m.. We stopped by Walmart when we got to town to pick up milk and cereal. The kids were amazed that a store was open that late and so many people where there shopping!

We are now trying to recover from the trip....doing mounds of laundry and enjoying just being still for awhile. Charlie preaches twice tomorrow and I speak at a ladies meeting on Monday night.

I will post pictures later!


Kecia said...

Glad you're back--can't wait to see pictures!

Dee Dee said...

We were just talking about how great it would be to tour D.C. when we're (hopefully) in VA in the fall. Todd's never been, and I think the girls would love it!

Glad to know y'all are back safe and sound...may the mts. of laundry shrink rapidly!