Saturday, April 12, 2008

On the road again

This has been such a crazy week. It does not seem like we only arrived on Monday night but we did. Charlie and I drove to Shreveport yesterday afternoon and retrieved 3 of our 6 missing pieces of luggage. PLEASE pray the other 3 arrive soon. The missing bags contain clothes for Coleson (including his Grammar book for school!), Charlie and myself plus all of the Mozambican gifts we bought for family and friends. We did some more shopping yesterday to round out our wardrobes. We needed to buy new clothes anyway so having no luggage forced us to do it quickly.

We are leaving this a.m. to begin our trip to Richmond, Virginia for a required one week conference. We are taking three days to drive so it won't be a super rigorous trip. The kids however are not excited about travelling again, they would rather stay-put for awhile. The cool thing is after our conference is over we are staying in the area and meeting up with Charlie's Dad and his family and we are going to do a flying 2 day tour of Washington, D.C.!

I am feeling the guilt and pressure over not calling and emailing people back! I need time and have not had much of it at all. I am updating my blog as often as I can for family and friends who read to find out we are ok and what we are doing. (Hi you!)

Meredith, I tried Starbucks yesterday as we were leaving Target (who knew that Target had Starbucks?????) and it was HEAVENLY! I had a caramel macchiato......yummy!

Luke was delighted to finally go to Sonic yesterday and have a corn dog. Will is enjoying History Channel and the old action figures that Miss Cindy found in a closet and gave him. Coleson is missing his guitar but enjoying meeting new people and drinking Dr. Pepper. Abby never meets a stranger and is having a good time but gets stressed when we don't lay out the plan of the day for her and let her know what is coming up next. We are working on that.

I have to go shower now..yikes! I didn't have time to tell you about having to take our new van to the shop yesterday for a spark plug problem or running into one of my dearest friends - Kim U. - in Old Navy yesterday. It was so fun to see her, although briefly.

Gotta run!!!!


mer said...

I love reading your updates!

Be careful driving to Richmond...I hope your time there is fun and productive.

I knew you'd like Starbucks. Just know that it's a tad addictive!

Kecia said...

Have a great trip, Ang. I'm praying for your bags to be found & come in...but I think Coleson may be praying they won't...

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Andrew and Stephen asked me if, now that they both have guitars, Coleson can come and stay with us for a week when you get home and play guitar all day!

Praying for you, travel, bags, van. Love you all. Keep having fun!

Oh, now Starbucks? YOU KNOW you miss galao's and cafe batidos at Cafe Sol!!!

Jenni said...

Hey Angie Pangie!
It's great that you are able to keep up with your blog! We are travelling with you, I love your descriptions, I can almost smell the pine trees too!

Oh, please tell Chris I say Hey! If he remembers me!

Love you

Dee Dee said...

Have fun in VA and enjoy your trip to DC! I went in the 8th grade, and those are some of my all-time favorite memories! I loved seeing history in person!

Dee Dee