Friday, April 11, 2008

Busy Week!

First of all....we still can't send emails from our regular email account. We are receiving just fine, just can't send. We still don't have the details we need to change the settings and honestly we have not been home long enough to get it done.

Luggage update: 3 of our 6 pieces are sitting in Shreveport (they won't deliver them to us until all 6 come in.) We are praying the other three come in by tomorrow because we leave Saturday a.m. to go to Virginia for 2 weeks. We really need our luggage!

Last night we spoke to 3 children's groups at church and had a lot of fun. Coleson and Will went to their Wed. night youth program and loved it.

Today we drove to Searcy, Arkansas and picked up the van we will drive during our time here. Despite lots of rain we had a good trip. On the way home we stopped in Magnolia and met Kecia and her family for dinner. Guess who did not have their cameras? Neither one of us!!! It was great to see Kecia, Mike and their girls.

So ,if you are reading this and I owe you an email, I'll write you soon. If you are reading this and are waiting on a phone call from me, I will call when we are home and it's not too late. If you are reading this and don't ever want to hear from me that's fine too!!! :-)

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Kecia said...

You know the good thing about us not having our cameras? Now Mt. Vesuvius (sp?) between my eyes won't be seen for all eternity. ;)