Friday, February 01, 2008

Things My Mama Taught Me

The other day I did something in my kitchen and it was if I was watching myself do it and I saw my mother. I was moving like her and doing something just like she does it. I think about my mom a lot when I look at my daughter and how she watches me and imitates me (Lord help her!) and wants to help me around the house. Whether I mean to or not, I'm teaching her things.
I started thinking, as I have done on many occasions, about the many things my mother has taught me. Some things she taught me with words, others by her actions. I thought it would be fun to list some of those, then hear what some of you have learned from your mothers too. I'm even going to tag someone at the end!

1. To not be afraid of strangers but to see them as potential friends.
2. To cook and bake and make my kitchen a place of warmth and good memories.
3. To be honest and open with my feelings and opinions.
4. To never wipe the kitchen floor with a dishtowel then put it back on the counter-top - it goes straight into the laundry basket!
5. To try and talk to everyone in the room and make them feel important.
6. To listen to people and remember details about their lives.
7. To get out of bed on the days you feel like staying in it.
8. To honor your commitments.
9. To look past people's behaviors to see why they are the way they are.
10. To love Jesus first.
11. That it's important to know a person's "story"
12. To pay attention to details.
13. To love music.
14. To not be afraid to try new things, learn new things, go new places.
15. To love coffee
16. Perserverance (although she wins the prize for that....I can NEVER stick to it like she does.)
17. To love to read.
18. To be generous.
19. To be brave.
20. That people are more important than stuff.

That's just 20 out of thousands of other things for which I am so grateful. I love you, Mom.
OK, now I tag Kecia, Mer and Janna Kay.


Linds said...

What a wonderful idea, Angie! There are so many bits of our mothers in us, aren't there..... I may do this too!

Kecia said...

Good one Ang. I played along!

cb said...

I liked this one.