Monday, February 04, 2008

Day at the beach

Hello people in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere! We spent the day at the beach on Saturday. Try not to be jealous. :-) If you would come visit us we'd take you here to Bilene, a crystal clear lagoon about 2 1/2 hours outside the city. The kids enjoyed snorkelling (especially Abby who ended up sunburned on the backside of her body!) It was a blistering hot day so it was great to sit and cool off in the water or under the shade of the palm trees. I forgot my camera in the car so I snapped these as we were leaving.
Charlie loading up the cooler.

Zac, Coleson and Will

Worn out from all the snorkelling.


mer said...

Hi Angie,

I just love that photo of Abby sleeping! So cute. I just sent you an email!

I'm jealous of your warm weather. It's about 30 degrees and falling, and snow is on it's way here. *sigh*

Kecia said...

That is beautiful!! I can almost feel the sun on salty sunburned skin. Sigh.
(I can't complain here though--it's 74 degrees!)

CrownLaidDown said... words to describe it. Mmmm. Speechless beauty!

So glad you are enjoying this, Angie! Stick your toes in the sand for me :)
Love and prayers,

Steve, Joanna, Elizabeth, Noah, and Emma said...

Oh so beautiful!

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Hey! Love the beautiful family picture and I think I recognize that yard. Could it be....MINE! To bad you didn't take it this week when I finally have grass and lots of flowers! That's okay! You all are beautiful enough and I love you!