Monday, December 03, 2007

God is Faithful

Ten years ago today we left America to begin our new life as missionaries. I was absolutely terrified. To use my friend Lynne's words, I was a wreck. I remember telling my sister goodbye on the phone that day (she was several states away from our departure city). That was horrible. I remember telling my parents and little brother goodbye at the airport. That was horrible. I remember sitting on the plane, sobbing. I thought I was going to be sick. I had no idea what God had in store for us. I wasn't looking at the days to come with a heart full of expectancy and joy in the journey and the adventure that we were on with God. I was looking at a black hole that was my future - going to the ends of the earth, learning to speak a new language, shopping and cooking in strange place, new illnesses and insects to be afraid of!

I regret that I began this journey overseas with a heart like that because it robbed me of so much joy! God has been so faithful and has blessed us so much over these 10 years. We did learn a new language (now two!), we did go to the ends of the earth (or it felt like it), I did learn how to shop and cook in a strange place. We did encounter strange illnesses and insects (some of those insects actually invaded our bodies....but that's a story for another day and it's gross!). And it's all because God is faithful and powerful and wonderful and good. He has a plan that is not all about me.

I am celebrating this day not because we are special. We are not! Boy, we are not. I am celebrating this day because God is HUGE and he is faithful and He is worthy of my praise. Because He took a blithering, fearful child of his and put her on a plane 10 years ago and patiently loved her and taught her and guided her and protected her and keeps on loving her. And I know He does the same thing for you in Colorado Springs, or Magnolia, or Bowling Green or Timbuktu. If you haven't let Him yet, it's not too late....if you are still breathing, there is still time to know Him and enjoy the wild ride that it is to walk with God.

(I apologize for the quality of the photo. I had to scan it from one of my son's scrapbooks.)


Linds said...

Happy Anniversary, Angie! When you think of all the lives you and your family have touched in the past 10 years, it must be even more wonderful to see God's hand in your life's journey.

Kecia said...

Happy Anniversary, Ang. God is good, isn't He? I'm so thankful for you and Charlie--for what you mean to me personally and how God has used & is using you.
And I love that picture. It was on my fridge for years! :)

Everyday Christ said...

What a story - it's hard to believe now, reading your posts about your life that you went into it with dread. God can surely change our hearts, can't He?

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

Ya'll are so cute. :-)

It's wonderful to hear of God's faithfulness to you on your missionary journey.

Steve, Joanna, Elizabeth, Noah, and Emma said...

Wow...Its such a blessing to me to read this blows my mind that God has put me on such a similar path (maybe around 12 years from now I'll be posting something that sounds like a little like this!) The mixed emotions of it all can sometimes be overwhelming...thankfully He uses ordinary humans with all our inadequacies if we will just hop on for the ride. Thanks so much for sharing so transparently.

mer said...

Jouneying with God is a wild ride indeed! But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Ten years, huh? That is so incredible! A testament to the power and faithfulness and goodness of our God. Congratulations!

How do you celebrate Christmas in Mozambique??

mer said...

I just read your comment on Kecia's blog that you're heading to the pool! Our high tomorrow is supposed to be 22 degrees. Swimming is totallly off my radar right now! LOL.

CrownLaidDown said...

Amen! I hear ya, Sister! Receiving daily recussitation from the Lord...His breath over everything. Oh I need Him!

And by the way, YES, you are quite special!!
Much love,