Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wedding and Church pictures

Last Saturday Charlie helped transport people to a wedding in a nearby town. The people needing transportation were family members of the groom, Augustinho, and they are members of a church we work with. The wedding was held in the hometown of the bride, Celeste, which is two hours away from the grooms home. Their pastor had helped them secure transportation by asking two of his missionary friends (Charlie and Steve) to drive that day. It was a day full of adventure and cultural education. I think he learned a lot. He was quite tired when he got home at 9:00 that night! Charlie's the cutie on the far left. The groom's pastor is shaking hands with the groom. Steve is looking distinguished in his tie. The guy on the right is another pastor.

Charlie recently preached at our church - Igreja Baptista Das Mahotas. Notice there is no translator standing next to him. This means he was preaching in Portuguese. If you enlarge the picture you may see large beads of sweat on his forehead. This is because a) it was a hot day and b) he was preaching in Portuguese!!! I'm so proud of him.

The day I spoke at our randomly regular ladies meeting at church I also took my guitar (the pastor's wife found out I played and had asked me to bring it along). When we sang that day during the meeting the pastor's wife had the great idea that we would all sing together in church the next day. I was not nervous about playing the guitar but I was a little anxious about singing "Because He Lives" in Portuguese. (Thankfully we had the song sheets) Then they kept encouraging me to harmonize, too. That's like asking me to walk and chew gum at the same time!


Linds said...

Well done! I also play the guitar and played in the church music group for years. I loved being a part of beautiful music (small though!).

Kecia said...

Oh, I love seeing these pictures! I so want to visit you and do a mission trip at the same time. I'm working on Mike! ;)
Sometimes I still sing your Vincentian choruses...I can hear you playing and singing in my mind. I also remembered harmonizing with you when I heard "I've just seen Jesus" a few weeks ago! I love singing with you. :)

Steve, Joanna, Elizabeth, Noah, and Emma said...

Neat, neat pictures! Wow!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...
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A Place For Ministry Wives said...
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A Place For Ministry Wives said...

That couple is so cute.

Kudos to both you and your husband for stepping out of your comfort zone with the language thing. :-)