Tuesday, July 03, 2007


That's how I feel today. I miss my friends. Our regular Tuesday night Bible study group has sort of dissolved because of summer activities. Most of the girls are either out of country temporarily, some gone for good, and others just really busy.

Because I only understand about 17% of what is said at church on Sundays I don't come away feeling like I've been around family members. Most people at church (besides the pastor's wife) just shake hands and smile. My attempts at conversation don't go very far. I actually come away from church feeling confused, tired and ready for a nap.

So I started this week feeling lonely and low. Still feel that way. I'll feel better in a day or two. I always do. It's pms, I'm sure. But today I sure could use a hug. Or some chocolate.

P.S. I'm glad to know that Kecia succumbed to the pressure and promises to start her own blog in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

I love you--
Here's a BIG HUG

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kec, I love you too. Thanks for hug.

Sue said...

Break out the chocolate girl!! Maybe a new pair of shoes would help too, I love new shoes!

Seriously, I'll say a prayer for ya.
(I saw you at Antique Mommy's blog)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
Happy 4th of July. Wish you could have shared the fireworks display with us. I'm sure it would have cheered you up. Watched it in Bay Harbour, MI. Will send you some photos of our vacation.
I hope the week gets better.
Praying for you.

cndymkr said...

I would strongly suggest chocolate.