Friday, June 29, 2007

7 Reasons Why Kecia Needs to Start a Blog

1. So all your friends spread out all over the world can keep up with the Sandusky family and their goings-on.

2. Because Kecia, you have a new digital camera and you need to post pictures of those beautiful girls of yours for us all to see.

3. So you can make new friends when interesting people comment on your blog!

4. So you can catch up with old friends who thought you fell off the earth and didn't know you just moved to Idaho for a decade or so.

5. So you can put to use that great writing ability you possess.

6. So you can be cool like Meredith and me! (HA HA HA)

7. If you don't I'll post that lovely picture again of the two of us taken in 1987 in the Francis Crawford lobby OR the other one I have taken in our dorm room (you are wearing your blue pajamas!).


CB said...

I agree with you, Ang. Kecia DOES need to start a blog!

All the cool people are doing it! haha.

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I give, I give! Please, no pictures! ha
Just give me until after the 4th so I can get my neice or nephew over here to show me what to do. ;)
Love you--
The One and Only Kecia Who Feels So Special and Famous and Cool Now