Friday, January 12, 2007


The culprits
Two days ago my 7 year old had a friend over to play and sleep over. During the afternoon they found a large, green, African beetle. (Do they have big green beetles in America??) Anyway, they named him Greener and put him in a jar. They forgot to poke holes in the top. The next morning Greener had moved on to greener heavenly pastures. So the two little boys buried him. Then they had an idea of paying tribute to Greener. They found some markers. And began writing. Outside. On the walls, on the back door- "I loved Greener". And they signed their names. Up till now, I've never had a problem with my children writing on walls. Even when they were two. Anyway, yesterday my 7 year old spent some time outside with a rag and some cleanser, removing his tributes to Greener.


april said...

He didn't even have the thought that maybe he shouldn't sign his name?! Boys! UGH!

Yes we have green beetles here too, you know what we call them? African Beetles....small world.

CB said...

Hey Ang. I miss you!