Saturday, January 06, 2007

14 years ago

Coleson and his Papaw
Jan. 2007

14 years ago today I wasn't feeling too well. I was hugely pregnant, achy, swollen, and just didn't feel right. I taught my first grade class that day then I visited my dr. for my regular check-up. He said I could go into labor in 24 hours or in another week. Part of me wanted another week because I was scared to death, the other part voted for 24 hours because I was really tired of being pregant and I really wanted to meet the little person I had been carrying around for so long.

It was actually less than 24 hours when my water broke - in the middle of the night -and we made our way to the hospital. 8 hours later our firsborn - a son -made his appearance. He was beautiful. But he wasn't breathing very well. The nurses spent several minutes sucking brown gunk from his lungs. I got to hold him for about 10 seconds before they whisked him away to the work on him further. I sent my husband after them, so afraid for my son to be all alone in another part of the hospital. How could I be so worried and protective of someone I had only known for 10 seconds? I know...I had known him for 9 months. But that strong maternal sense of protection and need to be with my baby overwhelmed me.

Long story just a little longer.....after a week of IV antibiotics and great care from a neo-natologist and our pediatrician he was as good as new and we took him home. (And no, they never found out why he was born with pneumonia.)

If you could see this child now. He stands at almost 6 ft., wears a men's size 11 shoe, and has the appetite of a horse. He's polite, thoughtful, sweet, responsible and he loves Jesus. Oh, he's not perfect.....he's a normal teenage boy. But he's a joy and a blessing. And he's hilarious. He's unique...a third culture kid who has lived overseas since he was 4.

This afternoon our family will celebrate with cake and ice cream since we will be driving back to Mozambique tomorrow.

14 candles on his cake. Man, it has gone by fast.


april said...

It so strange, but exciting to see our kids start turning into adults...isn't it?

Bonnie B. said...

Oh my... when I saw the picture of Coleson and your Dad in "thumbnail" form, the first words out of my mouth were, "that can't be Coleson." So I clicked on it to make it bigger... and sure enough. He's turning into a young man - crazy!? :)