Thursday, November 30, 2006

school shoes, mango pulp and wedding rings

Charlie is out of town this week, so I have tried to be more organized in the mornings when getting everyone ready for school. This a.m. I brought Abby's school shoes and socks downstairs with me when I came down to make breakfast so I could help her put them on later. I didn't realize that I had dropped one upstairs in the hall. Also what I didn't know is that Luke was mad at me for fussing at him for dawdling this a.m.. So when he saw Abby's shoe laying in the floor, he just threw it behind an unpacked box sitting at the end of the hall. After breakfast I'm searching all over upstairs and downstairs for this lost shoe. I thought for sure I had brought both downstairs. I'm even praying outloud, "Lord you know where this shoe is....could you please show me?" After several minutes of searching, Luke says in a very cheerful voice, "Oh, I know where it is..." and runs upstairs, returning with Abby's shoe. When I asked him where it was, he said, "behind the box in the hall". Upon further questioning he confessed to his crime. He lost his bicycle privileges for after school today ( a very big deal for him!). AAARRRGGGHHH!

Yesterday afternoon Will and his friend Kaleb decided to practice their batting skills using very ripe mangoes and a cricket bat, sending orange, pulpy yuck all over our back yard. This a.m. I walked out back to hang out laundry and saw orange spots all over the back wall, the back of our house and the storage room door. Guess what Will is gonna do when he gets home from school today?

Earlier this week I was in the kitchen and turned to retrieve my wedding ring from the tiny crystal cup that I keep it in when I wash dishes, but it was not there! It sits up on a shelf, so it's not in plain view. Abby was standing beside me and heard me ask outloud, "Where did my ring go?"

"Oh Mommy, I put it under your blue pillow!"

I would like to say that I calmly and cheerfully said, "Oh, ok, please go get it for me." Instead I shouted it, and when she came back with my ring, with very big eyes (like I know I'm in trouble!) I spent the next two minutes lecturing her on how she is never supposed to play with Mommy's ring and how special it is to me and how sad I would be if I lost it. Later I remembered the story of how when I was about Abby's age I lost my mother's wedding ring set after finding it in her hiding place and deciding I would play with it!!! Maybe Mom and I should find better places to store our valuables!


Bonnie B. said...

Ahh... it's good to know some things never change. ;) Your kids are a never-ending source of...umm... excitement! heheh So Coleson's in the clear still I guess? :)

april said...

Oh, children how they love to aggrevate us. I was yelling as I was throwing dominoes today, "Do you all just want me to work at cleaning up your messes forever! Do any of you care about how much time I waste cleaning up!" and a lot more yelling the same thing just in different ways to make it sound like I'm saying something really important, but really just repeating myself. My poor kids.

The mango thing would probably send me over the edge.

Grandpa L said...

So helpful to realize we are still sinners, but saved by grace and in need of forgiveness (so we can be forgiving too). What did we do before we could repent and experience Our Savior's fresh mercy? Will be more diligent to pray for the children. Thanks, Angie.
Grandpa L.

CB said...

This was such a cute post. I wish I could come back and visit. I miss ya'll!