Friday, November 10, 2006

Moving and Goodbyes

We moved into a bigger house on Monday. There were no big goodbyes involved in this move, thank the Lord. We just moved from one neighborhood in our city to another.

The day went smoothly for a moving day. We were so blessed to have a moving company move us and they did a superb job. Nothing we have found was broken. It also helped that the kids were all in school, then they went home with a friend after school until supper time. Then the same friend made us supper......thank you Sarah!!. I am sooo thankful to be in a house that is BIG......there is enough room for all of us and our stuff. Our kitchen is wonderful. Ok, I call it MY kitchen. I love it.

Today I had to say goodbye to my Portuguese teacher. She is going back to Brazil and it makes me very sad. She has become such a good friend. Tchau Querida. Eu vou sentir saudades de vĂ´ce.

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JK Holiday said...

I didn't know you moved! Enjoy the BIG house!