Monday, March 20, 2006

The Test....UGH!

The title says it all. It was tough. This test covered 6 units. I think from now on I should take a test after each unit. I was very discouraged. But I'm prideful and I don't like looking stupid or calling attention to the mistakes I make. Nothing like taking a test like that to feed me a big piece of humble pie. :-)

After class, Charlie, Abby and I went to a really nice supermarket here called SuperMares. It has a little coffee shop in the front. After a cold Coke Light I was ready to go on.

It is SOOOO hot and muggy here today. The AC is working hard here in our living room.

I'm going to try and download a picture of my guys that we took Saturday at a local pool.

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cb said...

hey you! just wanted to say I love you! I like you having a blog. Keep it up. I made one today too.