Sunday, March 19, 2006

My First Post

Well, I had started a blog on Xanga but decided to change to blogger to see what it's like. I'm pretty new to the blogging world. I really just want a place to record my thoughts and to share what God is teaching me.

We've been in Mozambique for about 2 months now. That means we've been studying Portuguese for almost that long. Today at church the sermon was, of course, in Portuguese. I understood probably 2 or 3 words per sentence. Sometimes I could catch the gist of what the preacher was saying. But most of the time I was clueless. But I was comforted in knowing that on our first Sunday in Mozambique I understood NOTHING and today I understood some words. So who knows what I'll be able to understand in 2 more months???? :-)

Charlie and I have spent the afternoon (and last night) studying for our first Portuguese test. We finished the first 6 units of our book so our teacher feels it's time to see how much we have learned. (I should actually be studying right now but I'm stalling.) It's hard to review almost 2 months of work in a weekend.

I would write something in Portuguese but I don't know how to make it print with all the accents and other strange markings (little rooftops, dots) that go on top of many Portuguese words.

I guess I should get back to studying.

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