Friday, August 03, 2012

I don't even know what to title this post.  I am feeling so blessed by all that God has allowed us to do and with the new people He has brought into our lives plus the opportunity to live near family and old friends again.

The summer camp season is over and it was a success.  Kids were presented with the gospel in a variety of ways and many responded and gave their hearts to Christ.  The kids were also challenged in their walks to choose wisely, rely on the Lord and stay in His word.  I pray that the seeds planted will grow to fruition in their lives.   I was blessed to have been able to participate in the last two weeks of camp.  Coleson and I led a music track each day (5 per day the first week and 3 the 2nd finger callouses are back!) and it was such a blessing to see him lead and interact with the campers in such a humble yet fun way.  Will was an awesome camp staffer and spent many hours working very hard in a variety of ways all summer.  Luke helped out running the power point and helping corral kids and lead songs.  Abby also helped lead songs as well as her favorite job of helping in the snack shop.  Getting to know and growing to love the camp staff was an unexpected blessing as well.  Most of them came back last night to our home for a "reunion" (yes it had only been one week!).  We hope to get together monthly throughout the year.  They are a great bunch of young people.

My sweet mother in law is visiting this week and like my own mother, she can't sit still.  She has been working in our yard, trimming and watering. I was out helping her trim the other day and now have all the insect bits to prove it.  OH MY WORD, I can't stop itching!  I now officially HATE ants.  And I either have a spider bite or poison ivy.  UGH!

Will has decided to play football this year.....yes, American football!  After a year of saying he would NOT play he decided to give it a try.  After the first night of practice (they are practicing from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. because of the heat) he loves it!  I think his large presence alone is going to be a bit intimidating to opposing teams.  I'm proud of him for trying something new and continuing to adapt to this new culture.

School starts Aug. 20.  Until then I will be trying to get my classroom ready and become familiar with the curriculum I will be teaching.  Right now it looks like I will have 11 kids in my class.

It's funny how much we all miss Africa.  I think about it everyday.  I am peaceful and content and so very thankful for our new home and new season of life yet I still miss so many things about Mozambique and our friends there, like....... buying bananas from my banana guy who came to my gate in the mornings.......and my Thursday morning Bible study girlfriends.........and my Wednesday youth group at CAM the CAM "family" to name a few.  

I am still trying to get our house sorted out.  There are still pictures to hang, shelves to assemble, bookshelves to fill....but it's looking more like a home everyday.  And it's slowly starting to feel like our home.

Abby turned 11 yesterday!  I'm sad that her days of being a little girl are running short.  I love that she plays with dolls and pretends and loves her Littlest Pet Shops and Polly Pockets.  In one way I want her to be a little girl forever.  But, I love how she is growing up, too.  She is such a great help around the house, she keeps a running tab of the money in her piggy bank and even has her cash budgeted....the biggest account being the money set aside for a new American Girl doll.  AND she got her ears pierced this week!  That was a biggie for her.

We occasionally see my parents, who now live nearby.  They are busy working on their house, getting it ready to move in.  They have done a TON of work. It's so great to have them nearby.  Now if I can just get my siblings to move closer! :-)

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t marie said...

I liked your untitled post. It's fun to read about what's going on with you and how God is working. I'm excited, and a bit jealous, of this season of change you guys are experiencing. :)