Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I found the camera cord!!!!

So I'm a tad behind in posting pictures.
Most of them are from December.
This is Abby with my Aunt Sharon's new
baby, Harley J. Pixley. He is ADORABLE.

My Dad on Christmas morning.

My Mom on Christmas morning.
She's holding the monkey clock we
got her and wearing one of Coleson's
new shoes. I don't know why.

My guys on Christmas Eve.
I remember when I thought
Charlie was tall.

Coleson on the day after his 18th birthday
because I did not bake him a cake on the actual day.

My two nerds on nerd day.

Abby and me.
I love this girl.
And I love how my hair and my head
position totally disguises my double chin(s).


t marie said...

The picture of your mom in Coleson's shoe is hilarious. Her foot looks enormous. And I like the striped candles on Coleson's cake.

Mich said...

Love the pictures! Beautiful family.

sally said...

Beautiful photos Angie - I miss you all so much! xx

Kecia said...

I didn't even notice your mom wearing Coleson's shoe when I saw that pic on facebook! haha!
Love the pic of you and Abby. Your (plural) hair looks so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks gorgeous in the pic with your pretty daughter! I love the highlights!!! Nice cut, too. :)
Thanks for blogging!
A friend in Illinois