Friday, December 16, 2011

Things I'm happy about tonight

* I spent the day today with an old friend. Just spending time with her was like a Christmas gift. Not to mention her squishy, sweet baby that I got to hold and kiss on.

*I bought some Christmas gifts today!

*I had a decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte with foam today. I had not had one since the day after Thanksgiving.

*Coleson comes home tomorrow for 1 month!

*The other three kids get out of school tomorrow for 2 weeks. That means we get to sleep in!!!

*I remembered to buy teacher Christmas gifts a few weeks before the last day of school NOT the night before like I normally do.

*Ball Park Franks make for an easy supper after shopping all day. Not nutritious, but easy.

*I have another day to visit with friends from Mozambique tomorrow before they drive back to North Carolina (then fly back to Mozambique next month).

*We started reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to Luke and Abby tonight. I don't know how we have missed this book.

*I bought something for myself at Bath and Body Works today!

*We watched The Charlie Brown Christmas special tonight on TV. LOVE that show. Although it's not quite the same without Dolly Madison commercials. Remember those?

*We got an unexpected Christmas package today from good friends in Arkansas.

*I ordered some things online for my kid's stocking stuffers and I can't wait to get them. (I have to wait and tell you about it after Christmas.)

*The leaves around here are STILL beautiful. Today it rained so the tree trunks were black and the leaves were such a vibrant orange.

*So thankful to God for His presence and blessings in my life. I pray that you are aware of that too. He loves you so much! John 3:16

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Kecia said...

Wait a minute-what? Why would you buy stocking stuffers? Isn't that Santa's territory?
Your day sounds wonderful. I love The Best Christmas Pageant Ever AND the Charlie Brown Christmas show. We DVRed it, and the one we watched was edited. They cut the whole "Jingle Bells" scene. Pfft.
The leaves around here are so beautiful Mikayla even noticed!
I am so thankful for you.