Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Have you watched this?

I don't normally watch or listen to the Queen's Christmas messages.....actually I never have. But yesterday someone had this link on their Facebook page and I watched it. I would encourage you to watch it, too.....all of it. She explains the gospel and offers the only hope any of us have.....and that is to trust in Jesus, God's Son, who was sent to be our Savior!

Even though she is so dignified and formal, at the end I wanted to shout, "Preach it, sister!".

I'm also going to look for the link for President Ronald Reagan's Christmas speech from 1980. We watched it on TV the other night. If only we had more world leaders pointing us to Christ, the Prince of Peace!


t marie said...

So worth watching. Lovely message.

Wife Goes On said...

I have a new respect for the Queen. Thank you for sharing this.

Ms. Kathleen said...

She's a woman to be admired in many ways. Thanks for sharing!

BlogBloke said...

I tried to watch the video, but it had a message "video removed be user.

Therefore it would be better to go to that post and Remove the coding from there

Thata way it wont keep showing as a playable video