Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wandom Wednesday

Welcome to Wandom Wednesday!


When I was drying my hair this morning I mentally wrote a really funny post. But that was 2 hours ago and because, as you remember I'm old(er) and have no short term memory left, I have totally forgotten all the amusing things I was thinking of. But at least I remember that I had a good idea, right?


I hope no one thought I was kidding when I wrote about my UNWANTED facial hair because I wasn't. It is the bane of my existence. Well maybe not that bad, but it drives me crazy.


The last time we were in the U.S.A. for our furlough/stateside assignment I was so excited to go to my first ever Pampered Chef party with my sister. One reason being that I heard there was really good free food at these parties and I had always wanted to own some Pampered Chef items.

My sister only barely knew two people at the party (Of course, one was the hostess who had invited her, otherwise we would have been crashing a Pampered Chef party and I don't think that would have been socially acceptable, right?) Anyway, we sat in the back of the room with our order forms, filling them out as quickly as possible, totally ignoring the lovely presentation going on in the front of the room. Finally, when we were done and we meandered up near the (free) food I was so disappointed to see that there was nothing that looked appetizing to me - the food items were either covered in olives and mushrooms or contained nuts. I hate olives and mushrooms and I do not enjoy desserts with nuts. So I left a little disappointed that there was nothing I liked to eat but I was super excited to be getting my first ever Pampered Chef utensils.

I ordered the master scraper, an avocado knife, some of those little dish scrapers and a serving spatula. I have been so disappointed in the master scraper. It has gotten cuts and slits in it and just won't get the last of the brownie batter out of the bowl. *sigh* However, I LOVE the avocado knife, the little dish scrapers and the serving spatula. And today I found a new use for the serving spatula : it is perfect for scraping up burned-on chicken pie juice from the bottom of my oven!


Please do not be impressed that I cleaned my oven. Maybe that particular kitchen chore is on your monthly to-do list, but I cannot tell you the last time I cleaned my oven. However, when the chicken pie we had for dinner last night overflowed and dripped everywhere and began to burn, I knew I had to do something today. Thankfully, we have a really small oven. And thankfully, I had some spray-on oven cleaner under my sink and my hand-dandy Pampered Chef serving spatula to help me out.


Here in our small African city, one of the things that frequently gets stolen from car owners is the side mirrors on their cars. Our side mirrors were stolen last Wednesday night while our car was parked outside a friend's house. This was the 4th time our mirrors have been stolen. Last year my husband paid a guy to use an etching tool to etch our license plate numbers onto the bottom of each mirror. This is also a common practice here as it is supposed to deter thieves from stealing your mirrors. However, having these identification numbers on our mirrors did nothing to stop the thieves. Just this a.m. we did learn that having these numbers on your mirrors does make it easier and cheaper to buy back your mirrors at the "black market" in the city where the thieves hawk their stolen goods, because no one wants to buy mirrors with someone else's license plate numbers etched on them!!!!!!!


After having been without water for a couple of days this past weekend, we were thrilled when the water returned on Sunday. But, we now have a problem with the pump that pumps the water into the house (AGAIN). Thankfully, the plumber came yesterday and is back again this a.m. to hopefully fix the problem with the pump. He will also have to fix the valve that he broke yesterday when he came to inspect the original problem. *sigh*


Thankfully for you, I have now come to the end of all the wandom thoughts in my head at this particular moment. So in the words of Porky Pig, "Th-th-th-th-th-th- that's all folks!"


karl said...

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Mich said...

I love random posts like this, because it lets me into your world.

You had me smiling all the way through. Have a beautiful weekend!

Kecia said...

I HATE FACIAL HAIR!!! Especially the chin hairs that jump back in when you try to tweeze them.
I'm not that impressed with Pampered Chef, myself. My few purchases have the same success rate as yours.
Personally I clean my oven when everything I cook sets off the smoke alarms.
I hope you have no more water problems!! xo