Friday, September 10, 2010

10 on the Tenth

YAY! I'm actually doing 10 on the Tenth on the right day!
I love lists and I love joining in with Mer over here for
10 on the Tenth.

10 things I did today:

1. Led music for the chapel service at my kid's school.
We sang Beautiful One, Holy is the Lord, and Friend of God.

2. Had a breakfast date with my favorite person in the whole world - Charlie.
Almost every Friday after I get home from chapel we go to a local cafe
for bagels. Charlie gets tea and I get decaffeinated coffee and we talk.
We look forward to it all week.

3. After breakfast we went on a scavenger hunt of sorts......going around
our city looking for a new fixture for our kitchen sink. Ours broke on Monday
morning and every one that Charlie bought this week didn't fit. We FINALLY
found one this afternoon. I'm thankful I can use our sink again.

4. Watched people exiting a local mosque as they celebrated the last day of Ramadan.

5. Bought a few groceries at our local grocery store, Shoprite.

6. Wrote some emails.

7. Picked Will up from soccer practice.

8. Drank a Red of my favorite drinks in the whole world.

9. Made homemade pizza for supper.

10. Watched Andy Griffith while eating pizza for supper.
One of my favorite episodes is when Aunt Bea gets soused
drinking Colonel Harvey's Spirited Elixir
"Too-too-toosie goodbye......"


Maddie Anne said...

MMmmmmm a yummy breakfast bagel and a cup o' joe. Sounds like a lovely day! Have a happy and restful weekend!!

Dee Dee said...

We LOVE that episode of Andy Griffith and watch it over and over! "I hate to say it, Andy, but I think Aunt Bea is tiddly." Makes us laugh so hard.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Red grapetizer? You're gonna have to expound on that one.

Sounds like a lovely, normal day! I hope you have a great weekend!

Kecia said...

I love reading about your day! I wish I'd been at chapel with you. And the cafe (with Mike,too-double date!) Maybe someday...
(word ver= "surlogna" Is that a new lunch meat?)

Carpool Queen said...

I love it when Craig calls and says "Meet me for lunch!" I can usually talk him into hitting one store and wandering with me before he goes back to work.

Happy, happy.