Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wisdom Teeth, Birthday, and a Public Service Announcement

If you are a Facebook friend then you know that
Coleson got his wisdom teeth removed last week.
We traveled to South Africa so that he could
have it done by an oral surgeon there. In South
Africa they do it as a day surgery. So we went to
the hospital very early so he could be admitted.
He was super excited! (Not)

Sporting his uber-cute blue gown. Not
pictured are the "pretty blue panties" he
got to wear!
(Angie, have you gained so much weight that you look
a cabbage patch kid OR like YOU just got your wisdom teeth
pulled and are still swollen??? Why yes, I have gained weight and
look like BOTH of those choices, thank you!)

Waiting to go into "theatre". At this point he
had received a tiny pill to calm him down.

After surgery, ice packs were in place.
A physiotherapist came after a little while
and applied electrotherapy and ultrasound
to his jaws to help reduce swelling and reduce pain.

His yummy post-surgery meal: jelly and custard,
ice cream, yogurt and litchi juice. He could only handle
the juice, yogurt, and half the ice cream. Green
jello floating in custard was not appealing to him.

Two days post-op he's barely swollen, sporting
a new John Mayer-ish haircut, and posing
with his brother and friends....about to go to a
movie and a dinner. This was the serious pose.


Abby's 9th birthday was Monday!
These pics are out of order...but this is
Abby (with buddy Rya) blowing out her candles.
I think she thought Rya (age 2) would help
her blow the candles out.
(Abby got new glasses while we were in S.Africa)

Opening gifts!

So happy to get a new Webkinz Kitty!

Waiting to blow out the candles.
If there is a little one around Abby is going
to be with them....trying to hold them, hug them,
carry them, feed them. Fortunately Rya enjoys
Abby's mothering...most of the time.


And now the public service announcement!
Please watch all of your moles carefully and
if any are suspicious looking or have grown or
changed recently (or even not recently) please
visit your friendly neighborhood dermatologist.
We go to our derma. yearly (or at least try to). Two
years ago she took a biopsy of this smallish freckle
on my cheek that had grown in size It came back as a
melanoma in situ.
When I visited the dermatologist again last week
(all is well, btw) she pulled the picture of my "freckle"
up on her computer screen and said, "you know
that doesn't even really look like a melanoma! I'm
so glad we checked it out!" I am too! I think it
was just God who nudged her to be dissatisfied with
burning it off again (she'd burned it off the previous
year.) Just to be careful she took a tiny piece and
sent it off to the lab. If she hadn't, I would have
had a melanoma growing on my face for the next
two years. Melnomas are not something you want
to mess with. I'm so thankful!

(Sorry if this pic makes you queasy. This is after
the dr. took the biopsy almost 2 years ago. You
can't even really tell there is a mole under there.)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Will you keep asking me if I've been to the dermatologist? I have a weird spot on my face that just popped up this spring. It looks like an age spot, but I should probably have it checked out. And I have a couple spots on my back and arms that haven't changed necessarily but they don't look good! Now I'm super paranoid. Living at our altitude it's probably a good idea to go yearly. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Battling some fear RIGHTTHISMOMENT!

Glad you're okay, Angie.

Love the b'day pics. And glad the tooth surgery went so well.

Carpool Queen said...

I went to my derm to check a spot and she wasn't concerned at all about it.

She was MORE concerned about a tee-niney freckle on my leg that I would have never noticed.

Great PSA, and, Meredith, GOOOO!

Cara Beth said...

1. coleson looks so handsome with his haircut.
2. custard is ewww gross!
3. Abby is getting so old and looks so grown up in her glasses.
5. Ewww to the stitches and yes, I do need to go to the dermotologist. Thanks for the reminder.
6. I love you.

Kecia said...

Gee, I can't imagine why Coleson didn't eat that disgusting looking stuff.
And it made me think of poor Sessely, when I was trying to get her to keep something (anything) down last summer, and I bought her a little cup of red "jelly" at the store--it wasn't quite j-e-ll-o. I didn't even like it.
I LOVE Abby's glasses!! She looks beautiful! Tell her I said so, and give her a post-birthday hug from me.
You should see the scars from my mole removal. They look way worse than the moles did. sigh.

Gretchen said...

Lurved this newsy post. What an awesome idea to have physical therapy to avoid swelling and to aid in healing. Wonder if I'd have avoided dry sockets and misery if I had been born a generation or 3 later. My senior spring break was wisdom tooth removal time for me.

Well done on the derm. I was raised in CO, and it's beginning to show on my face. However, my two babies who were born at high altitude had bottles of sunscreen in their hands as they exited the womb. For we are w.h.i.t.e.

Your dtr is darling. 9 is hard. You're half-way done. I'll leave now. ;)