Saturday, July 10, 2010

All Alone in my House!

It's Saturday a.m. and I'm all by myself at home. It's lovely. My kitchen is clean, the TV is off, no sound of the Wii, no one fighting, no music playing, the sun is shining and I can hear a cup of coffee calling my name.

I may just sew some more today. I have always been sewing-impaired. It's embarrassing because I come from a long line of sewers - both grandmothers, my mother and my sister, Amy. The Lord knows I have tried - I've taken three sewing classes, not to mention the many times I've sat at the sewing machine with my mother, sister, or friend helping me sew something. I know the basics - how to thread the machine, how to use the machine, how to sew a straight line. The bobbin and I have come to blows a few times and yesterday I was having trouble getting it threaded. But thanks to my sweet husband and a YouTube tutorial we figured it out. Not that my mother and friend hadn't shown me at least 50 times how to work the bobbin....which is why I have always given up on sewing. It made me feel stupid, so I quit. (Can you spell P-R-I-D-E ?) I think the problem is I haven't sewn enough for everything to stick in my brain and become like second nature.

So I decided the other day that I was tired of being sewing disabled and I got out my machine. (Which, by the way, was GIVEN to me a few years ago by my friend Janna Kay!) I cleaned it up and looked up a simple pattern for a clothes pin holder. (We hang our clothes out to dry on the clothes line here and I previously had used a bucket to carry my clothes pins.) In spite of my hatred for reading and following written directions, I did it! I made a clothes pin holder!!! I've seen so many cute sewing projects recently that friends have done or have had ideas of things I could make but never tried because "I don't sew". So I'm determined that this time - all on my own (or at least with the help of YouTube and some awesome simple sewing blogs I've found) - I'm going to learn to enjoy sewing and actually make some things I'm proud of. Maybe even take a picture and show you one day. Maybe.


(Mom and Dad last year)
I also wanted to update you on my Dad. He is doing great! He's been home from the hospital for 5 weeks now - that's the longest he's been OUT of the hospital since last November. He's exercising twice a day and walking with the use of cane and I'm pretty sure he won't need that cane before too long. All his blood tests are normal now and he told me yesterday that except for a little back pain (leftover from his cracked vertebrae that are still healing) he feels perfect. We are soooo thankful. We don't know if the vasculitis will flare up again - we are praying not, so for now we are rejoicing in the healing the Lord has given him. He's enjoying being mobile and feeling good. And I'm thankful for my Mom who has been a rock throughout this whole ordeal. She gives God the glory for giving her strength everyday to care for Dad and keep up with the responsibilities of day- to-day life AND do her job!

And now I'm off to enjoy my coffee! Tchau


Carpool Queen said...

I desperately want to learn to sew. My grandmother was a wonderful seamstress and my grandfather was a Singer sewing machine salesman.

It's in my DNA, I can feel it.

t marie said...

I learned to sew in Home Ec in 9th grade and haven't used it since. I really want to learn too, but I am like you in that I dispise written instructions! I've made my own pillows but that's pretty much it.

I started a cute apron (with a pattern!) several months ago but never finished.

I think your bag is cute. What a good start. Good luck on the next project.

JK Holiday said...

I can't believe that machine is still working!! Yea, for you!
So glad your dad is doing better!