Thursday, May 06, 2010

My children and their old mother

Our 2nd born child, who shall remain nameless, recently left a pair of stinky-played-basketball-in-socks on top of the stereo in his bedroom (and yes we still own a stereo!). Even after several reminders to deposit them into the laundry room, they remained on the stereo, gathering dust. Today, his father, my husband, in all of his wisdom, and with great humor, secretly put those stinky socks into the top of Will's (oops, said his name!) back-pack and zipped it up. Will was so happy to find the little present when he got to school, and so were his classmates - NOT!

My oldest son got in trouble at school today. It was group picture day, when they take a picture of the entire student body......all 60 something of them! My son got yelled at and reprimanded - not for smoking, selling drugs, cursing or stealing. He got in trouble for putting a little piece of black tape under his nose like a Charlie Chaplin moustache for the picture, messing up the best shot of the morning. If that's the worst thing he does in high school then we have it made.

My daughter loves numbers. She counts everything - not really in a genius-like, Rainman kind of way, but she sees everything in terms of numbers and amounts. If we are peeling carrots or potatoes, she's counting them. If we are hanging out clothes, she's counting the clothes pins. If I let her, she'd count every spaghetti noodle in the pot. And she wouldn't care if it took her two hours. She counts ceiling tiles, holes in the wall, stripes on a page, etc and etc. She definitely did not get this from her mother.

My youngest son just turned 11 last weekend. He announced the morning of his birthday that he felt much more mature that day.

I was thinking I've been feeling more mature lately too - especially when I'm extra stiff and sore in the mornings when I get up or when I have to hold the fine print of an advertisement further away from my face to be able to read it.


Anonymous said...

The version I heard was that it was a hitler moustache. Either way, there are worse things he could do.

Your story of Will's stinky socks was so crazy and so like my life. Our boys toilet is not working, yet they kept using it. I got fed up and taped it shut, putting a note on it that if they ever used it again, I would take a picture and put it on facebook for all their friends to see. Problem solved.

Amanda said...

Hey Ang...this is Chris! Loved reading your little stories about the Littles, and the big kids. I was envisioning all the stories....I really miss your family and hope our little trip gets to work out this summer.

P.S. Put some legos in Will's bed, and tell them that I did it....haha!

Love ya!

Kecia said...

I've said it before, and I say it again: I love your kids.
And Chris: I think they should've put the SOCKS in his bed! :)

Mich said...

This post made me smile.

Hope you had a beautiful mother's Day!