Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Why is there an expiration date on my sanitary napkins?

Why do I dream such wacky dreams EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT?

Why can't I upload pictures to Facebook ?

Why won't it rain here?

Why can't my 15 year old wash dishes properly, then won't listen when I try to give him a tutorial?

Why did my 8 year old daughter stuff her dirty school socks into a hole in a metal door frame then rediscover them about 2 weeks later?

Why do our bodies have to fall apart and do really weird things after age 40?

Why do I hate to sew?

Why do I still get zits?

Why am I writing this post?


Cara Beth said...

haha. you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea sanitary napkins had expiration dates! But that is indeed something to ponder.

Mich said...

Laughing out loud...

Kecia said...

Why don't I talk to you every day so you can make me laugh!!

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Sounds like you had a day like I'm having. My big "why " is "Why do people who have no knowledge of our home and have no children of their own feel the need the need to question my parenting?"


Gretchen said...

You had me at sanitary napkins. ;)

And tutorials? My theory is that if they are unbidden, they won't be followed. When they're 40 and want to learn something--even if it's a chore--they'll listen. I'll be waiting with arms crossed and toe tapping until then. :)