Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten on the Tenth

Just joining in with the others over at Meredith's blog!
Go take a look at everyone else's Ten on the Tenth lists.

Ten Things I'm Thankful For:

1. That I have a relatively healthy body and I can walk where I want to without any aid or assistance. I saw a guy on crutches the other day whose left foot was facing the opposite direction. It looked like someone had twisted his putting Mr. Potato Head's shoe
on backwards. I can't imagine walking like that all the time.

2. For my sweet husband who brought me roses last week "just because". I honestly don't deserve him. And thankful that his love for me lasts longer than roses do.

3. For to talk to my Sister in Ohio and my Mom in Kenya at the SAME TIME last Saturday.

4. For running water. When you don't have it you really appreciate it. Thankfully, ours was only off for a little while this a.m..

5. Electricity. Read # 4.

6. For the book of Esther. Have you ever read it? It's an amazing story.

7. For deodorant. It's summertime here and I am forever grateful that mine works. (Most of the time.)

8. For talk around the dinner table at night. None of our children are shy and none of them think about keeping their feelings or opinions to themselves. And all of them want to talk at the same time! This makes for pretty fun, animated conversation. They don't realize how I treasure those moments. The days of it being just the 6 of us are running out.......Coleson graduates from high school in 16 months!

9. For my orthopedic flip flops that help alleviate my heel pain. I need to visit our podiatrist in South Africa, but in the meantime I'm wearing these until I can get new orthotics. And they aren't quite as ugly as SAS shoes. (My apologies to those who wear SAS shoes.)

10. For God. I know I left Him until last. He's not bothered by that. He exists (no matter what some bloggers may say). I know it. I've staked my life on it. I can testify to His existence, power and involvement in my life on a daily basis. He hears my prayers and answers them in amazing, unexpected ways. You can't put Him in a box. You will never be able to understand Him completely. But that's OK. He loves us. He loves YOU. And He's got a plan. Hallelujah.


Charlie said...

It's always good to read what you're thinking :-)

O Mom said...

I love your Thankful list!
Orthopedic flip flops??? Where oh where did find them? My daughter has to wear orthodics for very flat feet and she loves wearing flip flops in the summer and is stressed about not being able to.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Aw, you make me want to make a thankful list now, Angie.

Those are all such great things to stay mindful (and thankful of!).

Hope you're doing well! SO glad you and Kecia got to spend some time together in January!

Carpool Queen said...

Gotta' love a husband who brings flowers just because (and who comments on your blog) -

Gretchen said...

Would lurve an email about those flip flops. My dtr had a stress frxr on her heel last year, and her podiatrist wanted to burn her $5 flip flops from Old Navy. I don't blame the doc, but my dtr wants flip flops, and I don't blame her, either. :)