Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carnival: If You Came To My House Today

I'm joining in with Mer at who was joining the fun from Kellie's blog at in this fun blog carnival:

If You Came To My House Today:
First, I would think "Oh no, someone's at the door and I haven't had a shower today! This is yesterday's hair and I have no make-up on!" but then I would see it was you and know you didn't care, that you love me anyway. I'd give you a hug and welcome you in.
We'd definitely get something cold to drink - iced tea or water - then go sit under the van on the verandah to chat. That's the coolest place in the house to sit. (It's been really hot the last day or two.)
On our way to the verandah you'd pass Charlie and my oldest son teaching my Dad to play Tiger Wood's golf on the PS2. I think he's getting the hang of it because I periodically hear cheers from the living room.
You'd also see my Mom playing FreeCell on her laptop. It's her new favorite obsession. Except it makes her sad when she wins and the game is over. And you just missed it......she was bleaching her moustache and just washed it all off! She was looking cute with the bleach over her upper lip!
Sitting nearby is Abby watching Pete's Dragon on our laptop with headphones on. No one wants to hear the music from that movie. It's her new favorite. And my new NOT favorite. After the movie we've planned a game of Scrabble Slam.
You arrived at a good time - I just cleaned up the kitchen. Whew, I won't be embarrassed about that.
If you're hungry I can offer you the last bit of Rice Pudding my mom made for dessert last night. But that's about all I have except for store bought cookies.
If' you had shown up about an hour ago you could have helped me weed a bit in my flower beds or helped my mom hang out clothes on the line. My parents have been here visiting this week from Kenya. They are packing up today and headed to Zambia for a meeting next week. We sure will miss them.
Just so you know, we all don't just sit around in front of laptops and TVs all day. We actually sit and talk, face to face. We've done a lot of that this week. And we have LAUGHED. A lot. You should have been around the dinner table the last couple of nights. You would have heard a lot of laughter.
Mom made a new dress this week, by hand, for Abby's American Girl doll that is beautiful. And she helped Abby sew a doll skirt all on her own. I'm so thankful for the time they've had to spend doing that.
My other boys were at the park playing but just came in soaking with sweat.
So we'll just enjoy our last few hours together hanging out then go out to dinner tonight. Yay - no one has to cook or wash dishes!
Thanks for the visit.....come over anytime. Just remember I may or may not have on make-up (or undergarments) but I'll be happy to see ya!


Mich said...

I enjoyed my visit!

Sounds like you had a very busy but fun week with loved one visiting.


JK Holiday said...

Wish I was really there...but fun to read about it on your blog!

Kecia said...

Thanks for having me over--loved the rice pudding. And isn't it nice that you don't care about my dorky glasses anymore than I care about your yesterday hair?
My mom loves Free Cell, too.

Dee Dee said...

It's so comforting, in a wierd way, to know that folks hang out at home with dirty hair, no make-up and no undergarments on besides me!! Thanks for sharing your real life.

Carpool Queen said...

Save me some rice pudding...I've tried umpteen times to make it and just haven't found the right recipe.

I know it's been such a special time together with family. Praying blessings on you this week.

Gretchen said...

I have no patience for doll clothes. I think your mom needs to come give me a tutorial.;) Also, what precious times your daughter and she are having. Wonderful memories.