Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Procrastinators Unite!

I sat last night (next to the pile of unfolded laundry) and made a list of things I needed to do today. I fell asleep while making the list and never folded the clean clothes.

This a.m. I did all the things I needed to do to get the kids off to school - helped with breakfast (kids make their own breakfasts....I love having older children), checked Facebook and email (oh wait, that was not necessary was it???), made lunches, helped find school items, fixed one head of girl hair, weeded my front flower bed (oops.....how did that get in there?), .....blah, blah blah. NONE of that was on my to-do list.

After my morning time with the Lord (during which He kept having to wake me up!) it was time for breakfast with hubby while watching CNN - our morning ritual. When my eggs and toast were consumed I went back to the computer for my obligatory blog reading. I set a 15 minute time limit on myself which I exceeded by 5 minutes.

THEN I finally got the #1 item done on my list, which was prepare the Bible study for youth group tomorrow. Whew! I felt so good. I marked it off of the list. But then I went outside to check on my flowers/plants in the yard and decided I should replant a few things and dig up a bare spot where I want to plan grass and then I planted grass seed. And watered what I planted/replanted. Then I had to wash off my muddy shoes (love washable crocs). And poured myself a glass of something cold to drink because it was very hot outside this a.m.. None of THAT was on my to-do list!

As I entered the kitchen I saw the dirty breakfast dishes (nope, no dishwasher here) so I washed those, cleaned the stove-top and counter-tops and dug through a pile of recipe cards waiting to be filed (they've only been stashed beside my microwave since August 2008). That led me back to my desk to compile a short shopping list of things that I need for supper tonight.

And now I'm here at the computer again......BLOGGING about procrastinating. I still have 3 big things left on my to-do list for today plus folding those clothes that are still waiting for me in the living room. UGH.

I seriously need a support group.


Carpool Queen said...

It always takes me less than fifteen minutes to do the things on my list. I waste three or four days looking at it......

I'll join your procrastinaters group...tomorrow.

Mich said...

I'm with you girl!!!

So does this group meet in blogland everyday before tackling the to do lists?

Kecia said...

I love how your post on procrastinating is followed by 10 on the Tenth on the 11th!!! Ha
And to answer your fb question, I wouldn't call it cold here, but it is cool--highs around 70 or so.
I miss you!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm good at procrastinating too! My best days are computer free ones. ANd that's why I will not be buying an iPhone or Blackberry. I just don't need another distractsion.

Anonymous said...

If you find a support group or get around to forming one, I'll join it...eventually.