Friday, October 30, 2009

Facebook Status

Hi my name is Angie and I'm addicted to Facebook. I love to look at people's pictures. I don't even have to know them to look at their pictures. I'm so weird. I also love friend's funny status updates. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Most memorable sight from last bush trip: toothless, 50 year old wild pig hunter sporting his bear skin cap and wearing his Sunday best blue dress to church...wish I'd had a camera.

I had two people suggest that I get a housekeeper today. So, I came home and yelled at my children to help me get this place clean. Who needs a housekeeper when I still got me some lungs?

Dear roofing professional, you would have saved both of us a lot of embarrassment this morning had you called before showing up.

Cats are stupid

has broken the riding lawn tractor and the weed eater and can now only hope that the neighbors will be horrified by the ragweed and offer to help fix the aforementioned lawn equipment.

Submission = telling your husband all the reasons you don't want a puppy, but being prepared to welcome one home any minute now

I love my Facebook friends. Thanks for making me laugh!


Carpool Queen said...

So glad I could make you giggle. I think I made the roofer giggle, too.

Gretchen said...

Hey! I got lungs, too. Good idea. :0)

S and J said...

love it!!! I too am addicted to reading the Live Feed on facebook.

Kecia said...

Oooo, I made the list! I'm so honored. The bush trip one is hilarious! Love you!