Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Birthday Pics

Will opening his new ipod shuffle.
This is to replace the one that got washed
in his jeans last year!

French Toast for his birthday breakfast

Cheezing for the camera

Will's interesting cake.
I rarely take cakes out of the pan to decorate.
I can't help it - I'm just Martha Stewart like that.
The (homemade) icing was too stiff for the very
soft American cake mix, so I made a bit of a
hole. The more I tried to fix it, the worse
it got. So I tried to make a funny out of it.
And I did not have 15 matching candles.
The cake did taste good, though.


ashley said...

This CANNOT be Will! Oh Angie I'm SO THANKFUL that you commented on my blog and that we found each other again! There's so much I want to say - I often think back to my trip to Africa - life changing - and the opportunity to meet your family taught me LOTS about being a wife and mother (things I'm using right NOW) Chris and I lost touch for a while, but I e-mailed him and Gaston a few months ago and I'm hoping we can be in contact again (along with YOU) He told me about staying with you guys and caught me up on your family a little. I look forward to reading your blog (if that's OK with you) Like I said, there are MANY more things I could type... Take care!

Mich said...

The cake was too cute!

My daughter could "not live" without her Ipod, or so she says. :)

Glad you had a great day celebrating.

Cara Beth said...

Hey Ang! Guess who's coming to Little Rock - Pioneer Woman! Woo hoo! Miss you!

Oh and I love the cake! hehe

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Will!

I think the cake looks yummy! Speaking of cake, I can't believe that you lived in Sarepta AND had my cake lady's cake! I may start humming "It's a Small World."

Gretchen said...

What a great looking kid and cake! Glad he'll be in his tunes again soon.

Kecia said...

The cake looks good to me--and so does Will's face opening his ipod. Love it! :)