Sunday, July 05, 2009

I'm back!

I have been gone for over a month mainly because we exceeded our internet allowance for the month of June during the very first week of June.  Once we exceeded it our bill starts adding up daily, so I tried to do less on the computer.  Anyway, I'm back.  

My parents left today after a two week visit.  We had a super time.  My parents - who were on vacation - don't like to sit around and read books or sunbathe, they like to stay busy.  My mom loves to work in the yard and my dad loves to do wood working so that's what they did while they were here. 

Our yard has needed major work since we moved in.  My gifts and talents do not lie in this area so I was grateful for Mom's input, creativity and help.  My mom has been "green" before being green was in vogue.  We were able to use plants already growing in our yard (but were out of control or in the wrong place), use pots I already owned but hadn't been using, transplanted grass already growing in the yard,  bought chicken manure from our friend's chicken business (I now know the Portuguese word for manure!!!!) to fertilize everything and added a few new plants.  We all got in on the work, moving things, digging, planting.  It was a lot of fun, hard work and the yard is looking so much better.  My mom, by the way, has an unlimited supply of energy.  I cannot keep up with her!  Not only was she working in the yard but she was cooking and baking, fulfilling every food request her family asked of her.  AND she helped me cut out and make new kitchen curtains and covers for my mixer and toaster.  This was a major undertaking because I am "sewing impaired" but we did it!  Thanks Mom!

My dad and Charlie, when they weren't helping us in the yard, were busy with making things from wood.  We now have a new shelf in our kitchen, a new bench for a kitchen table, Abby has a new desk (made from small dresser), Abby's doll has a new closet, our dining room chairs are repaired, and I have new drawer dividers for my utensil drawer in the kitchen.  (And were able to use wood we already had.) Dad also fixed Abby's bike tire and determined two old lamps need to be junked.  

They should have been exhausted and begging to go home after 2 weeks but they looked refreshed and energized when I took them to the airport today.  Amazing.


Kecia said...

I know you're so excited to have your yard fixed up--you need to show a picture of the finished product! And I love the red in the kitchen--looks good. Glad you had a good visit--loveyou!

Carpoolqueen said...

I always work like a turkey when my mom is here because she can't sit still either. I'm exhausted by the time the visit is over, but man, does the house look good!

Gretchen said...

Wow! The relationship you described with your mom, even among the busyness, is one of love and joy. I pray for that with my son and dtr when they grow up and (please God) move out (but not too far. :))

Mich said...

How great to have a visit from the parents! Glad you had a great time, even if you stayed busy.

JK Holiday said...

Don't feel are not alone...
We put Kurt's dad to work when they visited. He and Kurt put 39 new knobs on the kitchen cupboards!
Glad your parents got to visit!