Thursday, May 28, 2009

The end.....I think

Mike enjoying the elephants at Kruger.

I guess anyone who has read my last two posts will never want to ride in the car when I'm driving.  I'm not that bad, am I Katie??? :-)  Last week's accident was my first ever in Africa - and we've been here a long time.  In light of all the crazy traffic around here, I think that's pretty good. 

Oh, and I did forget to mention that last Friday (while Charlie and the team were at Kruger) I made an illegal u-turn and had an encounter with a polieman and ended up $40 poorer. *sigh*

I left off in the story with the remaining Arkansas team members preparing to leave.  One of the team members, Sessely, started feeling bad on Sunday night, the night before they were to leave.  Her stomach hurt and she was nauseous.  Monday a.m. she woke up feeling worse.  By Monday afternoon her stomach was not in good condition and she was feeling lousy.  The team boarded the plane here in Maputo and headed to Joburg to make their connecting flight to London.  Poor Sessely got sicker.  She was throwing up and feeling rotten by the time they boarded the plane to London.

When the flight attendant realized that Sessely was sick she notified the airline's medical personnel who then escorted Sessely OFF the plane, saying she could not fly again until she had a letter from a doctor saying she was fit to fly.  Now Sessely is only 18 and Kecia was the leader. Being a good leader, she jumped up and accompanied Sessely off the plane, telling the other 3 wide-eyed students to continue on the trip without them.  Kecia was not going to leave this girl sick and stranded in a foreign country.  

So at 10:30 that night we get a phone call from Kecia (she said she was crying but it didn't sound like it to me!) explaining what had happened. They were waiting for their luggage and she was able to use the cell phone of some nice man who also had to get off the plane.  She "just happened" to have written down our phone number, otherwise she would have been stuck in the Joburg airport not knowing who to call for help.  

We were able to call our colleagues at the Baptist guesthouse that's only 10 minutes away from the airport.  They picked Kecia and Sessely up and got them a room at the guesthouse and even got Gatorade for Sessely and bread and eggs for Kecia to have something for breakfast the next morning.  Then the next day, our IMB medical personnel were able to get a doctor's appointment for Sessely with a local doctor there.  He gave her medicine and a letter to fly the next day.  (He told her to rest that day.)  Then our wonderful colleagues took Kecia back to the airport to work out their flights for the next night.  Thankfully, there was no problem re-issuing the tickets for them to continue their journey home on Wednesday.

As it turned out, Kecia's husband, Mike, and Carter, the kid with the newly repaired knee-cap, flew into Joburg that same afternoon to catch a connecting flight to London.  Kecia was able to meet up with them at the airport and give Mike their van keys since he would be getting home before she would.  

As it stands now, Kecia and Sessely should be landing in Dallas in a few hours.  They have been traveling so we have not heard from them since yesterday afternoon.  We do know that all 5 of the other team members are safe and sound back in Arkansas!  Praise the Lord for that.

And that, my friends - unless something else whacky happens to Kecia and Sessely before they get home -  is the end of my story.  



Brent and Cara Beth said...

wow! What a story!

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...


I think you've got the Schmidt's topped for "team stories". The only things we have on you are "Harold"(need I say more) and the last time having a mob throw rocks at them. Let's not do ANY of THIS stuff again!

Katie Nalls said...

You're a great driver Angie!!

Carpoolqueen said...

The end...I think.... HA HA!! I'm laughing near you - not at you.

Mich said...

I jumped over from another blog. I love to read blogs of those that are on the great missionary adventure. I grew up on the mission field myself.

May God bless you with your ministry.

Mich said...

Yeah, I went to OBU. I was there from 89-93. I met my husband there. I worked one year at Walts and then three years in the Dean's office.

I was a MK in Asia. My family is from Harrison, AR but I live in my husband's hometown now.

I thought you looked familiar too, but didn't know if it was from school or mission related events.

Nice to hear from you. Do you know Jody and Dennis Janz? They went to OBU and are serving in Africa too.

I'm glad I found you. I look forward to reading about your adventures and praying for you.

Mich said...

Who knows! I thought you looked familiar too.

My husband and Johanna grew up in the same church. My husband is now back serving at his home church. Something he never thought he would ever do, but God always has a plan, doesn't he?

They are a precious and beautiful family. It has been wonderful following their adventures.

Gretchen said...

You don't do boring, do you? ;)