Friday, November 07, 2008

Pay Back

Last night was one of those nights when I got paid back for all those times when I was a kid and  I remembered at 7:00 on a Thursday night that I was supposed to take cookies to school the next day for a party and my mother's cupboards were empty.  

At 7:00 last night my middle-schooler began to work on his science homework only to realize that it was really too much to do the night before because it was not just answering some questions or reading a chapter in the science book - NO - it was an entire PROJECT!  The rough draft of which had to be turned in today! He was to have turned in his project idea a week ago, which he did - he chose Phases of the Moon.  He quickly realized that he could not observe/study/write about the phases of the moon in one night.  He quickly realized he was in a lot of trouble.  His teacher told them yesterday that every day this project is late he goes down one letter grade.  His grades cannot take a hit like that.

AAAUUUGGHHH!!!  I wanted him to learn a lesson like when he forgot his lunch two weeks ago for the second time this year and I did not take it to him because he needs to learn to remember his lunch (he's a teenager!!!  and his school is not close to our house!!!.)  But I had to help him a little bit.  We found a project about air pressure that he could do in one night - thank the good Lord for the internet.  I helped him try out the experiment one time then I went away.

He finally got the rough draft typed by 10:00 last night.  I would like to say that I kept my cool and calmly helped him but I was pretty mad at him and he knew it.  I do hope he learned a good lesson about time management and responsibility.  I learned that I need to use more self control and taming of my tongue when dealing with situations like this with my kids.

I can't help but hope that when he grows up and has a family of his own that his little kids scribble on the walls, grind play-do into the carpet, smear Vaseline all over themselves, and save science projects for the last minute......just for payback. (I'm mean, I know)

P.S. I do dearly love this procrastinating boy.  


Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

I think it is a "rite of passage" for every teen and parent of a teen. Andrew did the EXACT same thing with his flower and insect science project last year. I was SO mad! He was supposed to get 15 different kinds of insects and 15 different kinds of flowers in one night, find the scientific name for them etc.

I feel quite certain he WILL get his payback one day! :)

Incidentally, the same thing happened while you were gone and he was staying with me. Current events. Mr. Weil squealed on him! :)

I adore that boy and adore his mother!

Cara Beth said...

I'm sure I did the same thing to my mom a few times! And I'm positive my kids will do the same to me. It's a never ending cycle. :) That's what good mothers are for though, right.

Love you!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, Angie. I know your frustration, but you're right...they have to learn.

I waited one time until the night before my science project was due to start working on it. My parents were furious with me. Ended up getting 2nd place in my category (much to their chagrin). Not sure I completely learned my lesson that time, but I did learn...eventually.

Dee Dee said...

Angie - I feel quite certain I did this more than once...I can say that I don't procrastinate as much as I used to. :-) I've found I have to plan ahead with a family now, or I'm sunk!