Friday, November 14, 2008

Joburg-part 3

Luke did SO well having his MRI today.  He was so still and acted like it was a fun thing.  He was impressed - and could tell -  that so many people were praying for him.  We spoke with the pediatrician afterwards who showed Luke the MRI results on his computer (I love technology....we went straight upstairs, not 15 min. afterwards and the Dr.. was looking at all the images on his computer screen.)  Luke thought his brain was pretty cool.  Even though he is not the neurologist, he thought everything looked good.  We'll wait to hear from the neurologist, but so far, there is no reason for why his pupils did what they did.  One possibility is that it could have been migraine- related.  He's never had migraines, but that is one explanation.

So we are feeling relieved and tired tonight.  After we left the hospital we made it to the mall in time to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Luke had been wanting to see that. Then we came back to our room and watched another movie.  It's safe to say we are movie-d out.  

We have tickets in hand to fly home to Maputo in the morning.  Thank you so much to those of you who have prayed for Luke.  We are praying for a safe trip hope to be reunited with our family.  Charlie will be happy to be relieved of Mr. Mom duties, I'm sure.


Kecia said...

Thank you Lord!!! Have a safe trip home.

Linds said...

You will e home by now - I am so glad the trip went well, Angie. Let's hope there are no more eye events.

Dee Dee said...

Hope y'all had a safe trip back to Maputo. Dee Dee

Barbara said...

We are so happy to hear this good news, Angie! Especially Camden. He loves Luke so much, and was devastated to hear that ANYthing could be even potentially wrong. We're so glad to hear this news, thanks for the update, miss you!