Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, this Thanksgiving is not a normal one for us - mainly because we are not home.  We have been in Johannesburg, South Africa since Sunday for a week's vacation, spending it with my parents, who flew down from Kenya.  We won't be having a traditional T-giving meal today because my Dad has to have a medical procedure tomorrow which prevents him from eating food today.  The plan is for us to have traditional food tomorrow night.  Because we are staying in a guesthouse with limited kitchen space and no access to appliances and spices we won't be having cornbread dressing nor do we want to buy a big turkey - so we are planning on buying already roasted chickens then making mashed potatoes and veggies to go with them.  We'll wait and have the dressing and cranberry sauce at Christmas.  Dressing and cranberry sauce make it Thanksgiving for me.  Yum, I'm hungry.


Linds said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Angie! I hope your Dad's procedure goes well and that he makes a swift recovery. Have a wonderful time with your family!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I hope your dad is okay!

Our Thanksgiving plans changed at the very last minute and I ended up cooking. John told me to skip the turkey and roast a chicken or two, but it was cheaper to buy a turkey! And I agree, Thanksgiving just isn't the same without cornbread dressing!

Hope you have an enjoyable week with your family, Angie. Happy Thanksgiving.