Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Sad

Happy Sad is how I've been feeling these last few days.  I'm happy to go back to Mozambique. God has renewed my heart and given me times of refreshment and He's just filled up some empty places in my life in the last 4 months that only He could fill.  He's given me great times with family and friends.  He's allowed me to return to my "roots" our life of always moving and meeting new people and making new friends, I really needed some time to come back to where I lived as a young person.  I needed to be with people who have known me my whole life.  I needed to feel like I belonged somewhere.  God gave me that for awhile this summer.  And that knowledge helps me feeling stronger about returning to Mozambique.

But much as I love America and would move back in a heartbeat if I knew that's what God wanted, I know God has called us to Africa for now and that is where we are supposed to be.  That's why we will be getting on a plane on Thursday and flying back.

And that's where the sad part comes in - saying goodbye. I hate it.  HATE IT.  I know that it's normal and a big part of life.  But it doesn't make it any easier.  

I wish I could take everyone I love back with me.  And Target, Walmart and Sonic.  But I can't. So I'll be happy with email and Skype.  So EMAIL me!  ( or leave a comment.  Or better yet - come visit.


sally said...

Hi Angie! Have a wonderful journey back to Maputo. I know how hard "goodbyes" are - but I guess that without goodbyes we wouldn't have hellos - and I'm so looking forward to my hello with you in December! You are all in our prayers - lots of love to all of you. X

Linds said...

I was wonderign when the departure day was. Travel safely, Angie, and look forwards!
I know just how diabolical saying goodbye is, after many years of doing just that.

Sending you a cyber hug.

Another Angie said...

I am very impressed with your faith! I cannot imagine leaving all the comforts the US offers for another somewhat primitive country.
You guys rock!

Hope you have a safe journey!

PS. What will your "last meal"(in the US be?

Dana said...

Praying for a safe, smooth trip for you and your family.
Take care.

Angie said...

Thanks for the prayers. We are almost all packed and head to the airport tomorrow morning at 11:00. It's funny that Sally and Linds are both in England and that's where we are going tomorrow. We'll just be in London for 12 hours on Friday before we fly to Joburg Friday night.

To the other husband and I had dinner at Chilli's last night for our 19th anniversary. It was yummy.

Kecia said...

You know what else I hate? Losing cell phone signal when you're just about to say good-bye. Aargh. Sorry about that.
I really have loved every minute of getting to see you and your fam, and talk to you on the phone. I will miss you. But I will see you in MAY!!! :)
I love you, and Charlie, and every one of your awesome kids.
And what exactly is Skype?

Hopefulmom said...

Glad you had a great visit here in the old U.S. of A.! May God give you safe travel!

Love your blog! :)