Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world....especially two of my favorites - my own mother, Suzan Bryant who I think did a mighty fine job mothering me - Mom, I hope you have a GREAT day - I wish I could cook for you today .....and to my mother-in-law, Dorothy Ford, who taught my husband how to do many things, including to work around the house and appreciate those who cook and clean for him.

I don't plan on cooking a thing today except maybe some choc. chip cookies (the kind where you just plunk the ready-made dough on the cookie sheet!). I will stay on mom-duty this a.m. though....Abby and I will stay home from church since she has had an upset stomach for three days! We need to stay close to the potty.

P.S. Have you noticed how all my posts have something to do with eating, drinking or cooking?

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Kecia said...

I haven't made choc. chip cookies in so long. I need to do that...
How's Abby? :(