Thursday, March 20, 2008

Specimen Update

All specimens and samples have been retrieved from all 6 members of the family. Hallelujah!

More things have been crossed off the to-do list. Yay!

My friend Janine wrote to remind me to not wish away the next 17 days but to remember to enjoy each day and everything it holds. Thanks Janine for the words of wisdom. I'm trying.

My last youth group of the year went well yesterday. *Sigh of relief*

Now it's back to the list. And enjoying today.


Anonymous said...

I think you may be tired enough by the time you leave that you may be able to just sleep most of the trip. Praying for you.

Aunt Liz

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie! We're praying for NO turbulence, NO claustrophobia, WONDERFUL gourmet airline food, PERFECT passengers on all sides.....and that we might be able to see you before too long!