Monday, November 05, 2007

Family Pics

I just wanted to post some recent pictures of our fam for our far-away family and friends in other parts of the world.

We'll start with the scariest.....this, again, is what happens when Will is bored and spends the afternoon with the camera. I could have posted pictures of the TV that he took when he was watching Gilligan's Island. I didn't think the family would enjoy seeing Ginger and Marianne. Instead here's a picture of Will with his face falling off. Remember he's 13. He will not let me take a decent picture of him, so this is the best I have to offer right now.

Here's Abby displaying her library book and showing off our newly recovered love seat (Mamaw and Papaw, remember how PINK they used to be?). The love seat and chair have been recovered. Now we are just waiting for the re-upholsterer to finish the couch!

Luke in gansta mode wearing his brother Coleson's shorts.

Coleson's school basketball team (jr. high and high school combined) after they won their game last Wednesday. I will brag little and say Coleson scored the winning shot!

This is before I cut his hair. School regulations are being enforced about short hair, so it had to go. His guitar is usually on his body at all times. Last night he was playing and reading his literature homework at the same time. I encouraged him to put the guitar away for optimum comprehension.

Will taking pictures again....this time of Charlie, Luke and I on a Saturday a.m. before we had showered.

My Bible Study Girlfriends. I think all of us had showered that day!


Kecia said...

Those pictures are sooo good! I love glimpses of your daily life like that. In a few months I'll be showing up on your doorstep some Saturday morning before you have your make-up on--hee hee!

mer said...

I'm with Kecia...I love the glimpses into your everyday life. Thanks for sharing.